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They offer a place to relax in nice weather, a spot to lunch and bar-b-que in the summer, a place to talk with friends and family. Krupansky Fencing knows how important your decks are. That is why we offer you with various types of decks to suit your needs specifically.

Decks: These have the ability to create an extension of the home. By using various materials, there are many options available for use to take your yard home to the next level.


  • Wood-naturally complements the home
  • Vinyl-easy to maintain and can be made in any color
  • Composite-durable, low-maintenance, easy to use in many different climates

Deck Railings: These are placed at the edge of your deck to provide an aesthetic appeal and safety to your home.

Why to use deck railings in conjunction with a deck?

  • Aesthetic Appeal-comes in different materials in order to fit your specific needs, some variations blend into your surroundings
  • Durability-when using the correct materials, your deck and it’s railings can have a very long life
  • Safety-railings add to the security of a deck, they aid in the containment of children and pets by providing a proper boundary to your deck