Wood Fencing and Picket Fencing 2017-04-27T22:03:22+00:00

Wood Fence: This is the most popular option as it adds practical and attractive fencing to your property.


  • Split Rails – offers the most rustic look
  • Privacy Fences – height and custom specifications add privacy to your property
  • Picket Fence – a decorative style that adds little security
  • Board and Estate Fences – uses three to four horizontal posts with spacing between each
  • Wood Dip Fence – adds aesthetic appeal to a property with a dip in the wood at the top of the fence

Why Choose Wood?

  • New developments in wood fencing have decreased the potential for rotting and warping in wood
  • Steel and metal posts can be installed in wood fences to help increase the longevity of the fence
  • Many stain colors to choose from